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1 month authorization code

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Product details DETAILS

 Premium English APK is launching.500+ USA & Canada HD Quality LIVE TV


1.  the highest quality of similar products in the market! The use of P2P technology, Stable and smooth.

2.  FULL EPG,Showing current program name and next!

3.  7 Days Playback.

4.One Auth Code, One Device.

5.  any condition will be repaired in time.

6.  Android TV APK can be used in Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and other European regions, as well as in Hongkong and Taiwan, without geographical restrictions.

7.  can be used in most Android boxes or Android phones. 

8.  no need to wait for logistics delivery, purchase immediately obtain authorization code, immediately on your device to use, safe and convenient.

Interface demo:


Support 3 days no reason to return. Note: Paypal handling fee is required.


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After-sales service SERVICE

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How to buy BUY

I. registered members.


Ⅱ. choose the set order and payment.


III. click the 'my authorization code' at the user center and extract the authorization code for the corresponding order.


Example of authorization code:


Ⅳ.Install APK to Android box or mobile phone, Press the prompt to enter the authorization code, and then click OK.


Next, press the prompt to enter the  verification code, and then click OK.


APK download url:https://www.fasthdtv.com/down/IPTVWORLD-v12.1-release.apk